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My new dreams – wall clocks and paintings


Acestea sunt cateva dintre cele mai noi lucrari. Unele pot fi transformate in ceasuri de perete, sau pot ramane ca si tablouri.

These are few of my recent artworks. Please give them a note. Part of them can be transformed into wall clocks, ar may remain like a nice glass painting on your wall.

Shri Mataji – You will be always in our hearts!


It is with great sadness that we have to inform you that yesterday afternoon Shri Mataji left Her physical body.

Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi was born on March 21, 1923 to a Christian family in Chindawara, India. Her parents were Prasad and Cornelia Salve, direct descendants of the royal Shalivahana dynasty. Seeing the beauty of this child who was born with a spotless brilliance, they called her Nirmala, which means ‘Immaculate’.

Shri Mataji was born with a complete understanding of the human nervous system and its energetic counterparts. In order to become acquainted with the scientific vocabulary attached to these subjects, she studied medicine and psychology at the Christian Medical College in Lahore.

Shortly before India achieved independence she married Sir. C.P. Srivastava, one of India’s most dedicated civil servant officers, who was knighted by the Queen of England. In India it is believed that the wife brings luck to her husband – this is most certainly the case for Sir. C.P. Srivastava.

He rose in government ranks very quickly though he was an absolutely honest person. He held the post of the Joint Secretary to the Prime Minister’s office of the late Shri Lal Bahadur Shastri in the years 1964-66. Shastri himself was an ideal model for a Prime Minister in India’s political history. Afterwards he was elected for 16 consecutive years to be the Secretary General of the United Nations International Maritime Organization.

As Sir C.P. Srivastava moved in fame from the Indian history to the worldly scene, Shri Mataji, after fulfilling her familial duty of bringing up her two daughters, embarked on her spiritual mission.

Although she knew about her own spiritual consciousness she did not know how to present it to the people of modern times. She was also aware of the problems encountered by the earlier spiritual personalities who came on this earth like Jesus, Mohammed, Buddha, and others when they prophesized the truth directly to the people.

As she was pondering on the many faceted problems confronting human beings, on the 5th of May, 1970, on a lonely beach of Nargol (about 150 km from Mumbai) a divine spiritual experience filled her whole being and suddenly she found an answer to her question. She discovered a historical process of en-masse Self Realisation through which thousands of people could get this connection to their Spirit and thereby their inner transformation.

Sahaja (=Spontaneous) Yoga (=Union with the Self) was born.


Art Boutique editia a 3-a


Cum a fost?

Caldura mare:-)))))….am ramas super placut impresionata de calitatea tuturor lucrusoarelor vazute. Am intalnit prieteni vechi si am legat prietenii noi.

Pana si “micuta” ganganie care ne-a studiat vre-o doua ore bune, parca nu se dadea dusa, plus ca a si “pozat” artistic: mare obraznicie.

Nu ma apuc sa enumar foarte multe din ceea ce am vazut, ma gadesc ca pozele sunt destul de reprezentative.

Daca ma intrebati cum s-au descurcat fetele cu organizarea? Cred ca cel mai bine sa va spuna ele, dupa 8 ore si ceva de alergat prin soare, de verificat ca totul sa fie OK ( nu am “uitat” de stand:-*).

La partea de muzica… in afara de solo-ul de chitara chiar nu reusesc sa emit o parere dat fiind faptul ca nu ma pricep la rock. Dar solo-ul de care vorbesc a reusit sa imi placa.

Clienti? Fara numar:-)

Art Boutique v.3

Very nice handmade stuff made by very nice people. Good quality, creative minds and hands. I met old friend and i find new ones here. Even the little nun bug was in it attitude very fancy: nasty little one!

I do not remember all participants, but i guess my pictures are very representative for each of them.

If you asked yourself how the organizers managed all things to be  in time and well….better to ak them directly – guess how it was from them 8 hours on running around in the sun – 40 degrees in the light:-) ( i didn’t forget about my wood support).

Related ARTmania festival….well is not my kind of music, but i was impress guitar solo.

Customers? A lot.


Brown sugar bottles – 45 rons/pcs or 80 rons/set SOLD


Doua sticle odulate decorate cu un maron ciocolatiu, culoare de vitralii, si o glazura de nisip rosu. Pot fi folosite si ca si vaze. Sticlele sunt inalte de 20 cm.

Two corrugated bottles, decorates with chocolate brown color, and a sand glaze as a plus. They can be  as vase for single flowers. These bottles has 20 cm high.

Greek style – 65 rons


Vaza dreptunghiulara, inalta de 20 cm, sticla groasa decorata cu motive grecesti.

Rectangle vase, 20 cm high, thick glass. Is decorate with ancient greek motifs.